Specialist cleaning service for unattended death in property

CleanSafe Services operatives Steve Carr and Yakinie Blair showed their professionalism and compassion when called to clean a property where there had been an unattended death.

The landlord had extensive experience but he wasn’t sure where to turn when he discovered a dead body in one of his properties.

The tenant was a man in his forties who was not obviously unwell. His death was only discovered when the man’s employer telephoned his landlord to find out why he wasn’t at work.

The landlord said: “I called an ambulance, and the paramedics then contacted the police.

“The officers took the keys and sealed the property to complete their investigations. Fortunately, they also took responsibility for locating the man’s next of kin and informing them of the death, and removing the body. It had been there for two or three days.”

Deep cleaning and deodorising

Once the police had released the property and the man’s next of kin had come to remove his belongings, the landlord was able to have the property deep cleaned.

“I didn’t want a big drama, and in fact it was the funeral director who referred me to CleanSafe Services. I wanted to deal with people, rather than a huge corporate company wanting to charge silly money,” he said. “They delivered the best service.”

Steve Carr and Yakinie Blair were able to respond very quickly. The job required full cleaning and sanitising, as well as a specialist deodorising service.

“The CleanSafe Services operatives were very professional, very good to work with. They were good people,” said the landlord. “They came very quickly with all the right equipment and protective clothing.

“They told me how they were going to deal with the problem, so I knew exactly what to expect. I was able to leave them to do the work.

“Later that day they called me back to the property, so I could see what they had done. The job was perfect. We definitely recommend CleanSafe Services.”

Emergency cleaning services for Landlords

CleanSafe Services works with domestic and commercial landlords throughout the UK.

Martin Bull, CleanSafe Services Director, said: “Landlords confront a range of cleaning emergencies in the course of their day-to-day work. Unattended deaths and crime scenes frequently involve bodily fluids, which are classed as hazardous waste and must be cleaned and disposed of correctly.

“We are regularly called to dispose of waste left behind by squatters, which can include faeces and sharps.

“We also work with local authorities who help tenants with a variety of mental health problems that require specialist cleaning services, including hoarding.

“Our staff are very experienced and will always do a full risk assessment before they start work. As well as having the knowledge and skills to clean up in very difficult conditions, they are also compassionate, sensitive and respectful of the people they deal with.”

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